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spalling miztakes

Hooray!! I got my Scrambled postcards made up and just in time for weekend distributing too, but after showing them to my brother he says to me “Does this matter?” pointing to a blatantly obvious spelling mistake right on the front that I should of noticed!!! Let it be known to the world, I Anthony Woodward do know how to spell the word Weight (I spelled it wheight). I don’t know why I do these spelling mistakes at times (As They are words I know how to spell) I must have some form of dyslexia. Heather thinks I should get them reprinted, that people will get the wrong idea of my work. But I think I’ll just go with the idea that I meant to do it, you know a kind of artsy angle. Yeah, that’s it I spelled it like that on purpose, ha! Also yesterday I found the paper I’m going to use for the cover, 165gsm archival quality rag paper! Very nice. Because unlike past ventures Scrambled will have a black and white cover. I did this because even though you can have a colour cover for a very low

As exciting as watching ink dry!

Hey long time no blog but I’ve got a wonderful excuse as I’ve been doing some travelling around recently with my wife’s parents (Who are visiting from Canada) On the trip I even managed to draw a three page comic which will be appearing in the upcoming first issue of Scrambled. Which was due to the fact of my new sketch book I made, which actually holds India ink! (It’s really hard to find good paper here) and also the art store finally got my 'speedball' India ink which dries a whole lot faster than the Windsor and Newton variety that I usually use. Thanks to Dave Collier for that one, when I visited him last September, we were halfway through a bike ride when we stopped for a break and he whipped out some artwork to ink. Which I didn’t think was possible, with the usual ink drying times. And when he was done he packed it away and we kept on riding. “What sort of ink are you using to do that!” I asked “Speedball” he answered. I remember trying it years ago but found the ink t
A few months ago when I ordered a copy of 'Red Bird’ by Dan Zwetoch I also got a copy of Kevin Huizengas ‘ Super monster’ #13 which I enjoyed immensely and found myself going back to reread it. So after awhile I really wanted to get my hands on any other copies that might be available. After some postage pricing confusion I received my package of super monsters numbers 7, 9 10, 11 12, 14 and they were all really excellent especially his latest one (Which also has the title of ‘Gloriana’) Which has a detailed explanation of why the moon appears to be larger at times (Maybe only interesting if you’re part nerd) his comics seem to evoke the ambiance of whatever environment they’re set in, and express more than just a narrative. He also covers a range of different drawing styles, I tend to like his looser style with touches of 'zipatone' like shading (Which he uses photoshop for, I must write to him and find out what filter setting he uses as I haven’t been able to produce a
Hey all just a short blog to say I’m still alive and kicking. As per usual I’ve had a whole bunch of things going on. I just recently attended the ‘make it up festival’ in Melbourne where I ‘launched’ 7 Pages special edition (Canada Sketches) The fair actually motivated me to finally get it out I have sold out of the first run but I will be making another run asap so write for more info. Scrambled is still coming along quite nicely, although it will probably be another month before it can be released. But when it does come out you’ll be the first to know. More updates soon.

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