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been getting into Magritte work lately, his stuff seams like an avenue I'd like to follow with my own work. I found this cartoon homage this site
Heather and I dropped Ashley off at the airport yesterday, such a strange feeling having to let go like that. Afterwards Heather and went to see 'Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind' which was fantastic. I love Charlie Kaufman’s films, they’re kind of like a Maggritte painting where everything looks normal except for something is different as opposed to David Lynch’s films (Which I also really like) that are almost completely surreal. Jim Carrey was good in the movie too. I can see how people might get put off by him in movies as his Physical humour gets pretty tiresome. but I think he did a good job in this film, and he kept his Physical stuff to an absolute minimun. I wont say much more as you just have to watch it yourself.
The site of the American Splendour animators , I'll have to check it out properly later when I get the time (Care of )

Calling all Comic Artists (or otherwise)

------------------------------------------- Position Title: Artists Employer/Organisation: The Geelong Arts Alliance Inc - Art Vendor Project Applications Close: Monday, May 10, 2004 Location: Open VIC (Australia) ------------------------------------------- You can view the full detail of this job on Arts Hub by clicking this link: | For Australian Arts Workers
"So you can like use paint to make your own little comix an shit, rock on!!" Producing 100% Guaranteed fine art on 'paint'.

'7 pages' issue #20!!

You wanted it you got it...I've had so many people responding to the 7 pages zine I did last year (Including two lovely letters) and also I miss doing it sorely I've decided to fire up the engines again on 7pages. Of coarse My main focus this year will be my new book Scrambled and as promised it wil continue to come out every three months, but as I have excess material available I can put out the occasional 7 pages. It wont come out as often as It did last year, but probably one every month or so. So there you go are you happy, I know I am.

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