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eye candy

Heres some links for y'all King David


Scrambled # 3 comes out this week and is available from the usual places like Grainery lane in Doveton St and Rediscovery On Sturt St. Copies will also be availbale from Polyester Books and Fat cheeks Distro in a week or two from now. Also The exhibition I'm having with My brother Karl (He's exhibiting his photos)is happening on the 24th of this month at Grainery lane, see you there. Artists name to come 'American Prayer'


Finally the photocopier* is up and running at school again. Which mightn't sound all that exciting but this photocopier is the only one I know of that does 'single colour' copys for the same cost as B+W. Which means you can add a dash of colour for a very slight fraction of the cost. Even though this means headaches with registration the effect is fantastic. But even better is that I just discovered also that it does duel colour copys which means it'll copy two colours from the same copy for the price of just two copys, so in effect no need for registration. This is pretty big stuff when youre publishing your own work. * Richoh 'aficio' color 6513.

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