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  1. Foo in three dimensions! He appears alarmed - the clouds are floating around him and across the rectangular shapes, but the latter go right through him.

    Nice use of layering and colour, but I'm not sure what it all means :).

  2. Foo is alarmed at floating around when he feels empty in the Big City! Good one :)

  3. i think he is trying to float to get on the other side of the fence.

  4. This image for me is about the tension between floating and being secure. Also the image kind of floats in the picture plane

  5. Solid, Anthony. Kinda reminds me of Gary Baseman's work just a bit. Must be the eyes. Good work.

    btw: your latest avatar is equally mighty fine.

  6. Nice piece Anthony - always dug your pen work!

  7. Yeah the pen feels so good in my hands...like a little wand. It's a steadler tech Pen .05. Getting onto tech pens has been one of the greatest discoveries with my art. My fingers might be almost constantly covered in ink splots, but it's worth it.


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