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  1. The shoe looks Guston old-age style! Now you have it - it can lead to a rediscovery of the power and exuberance of painting :) Like the canvas background!

  2. Definitely original...and lost!

  3. Great background! I'll bet even though there's only one shoe, you still have two socks...

  4. Great drawing! I love your style!

  5. a unique take on the concept. good stuff.

    ...and nice boot.

  6. Everything about this pic comforts my mind's eye. Seriously.
    Arrg (Jill noise). I'm having so many problems with these PDFs for the latest ish of Bite. There may be a chance it won't be ready for the party this weekend. Gulp! Are you coming on Friday?
    Entry to the Is Not launch is only gold coin, but I've asked for us [& Heather]to be on the door anyway.
    Hope you don't mind, but you might be sleeping in the lounge. We could set up the spare matress in me & Pete's room so you two can sleep in on Sunday. Expect to be hung-over like a mofo. Which is alot.
    I don't have access to email right now, so I'll tell you this story in this comment. This morning on my way to school, a huge boxer dog wandered into the train carriage. Long story short, I got stuck looking after it at a strange station. The scary bastard was freaking out and dribbling all over me. It's owner turned up after I made some frantic calls and he said thanks, but didn't seem that grateful. Weirdest part was, he has now idea how or why it got on the train. There was another dog with it (a small terrier) on the platform, also belonging to the same guy, but it didn't get on the train. Bizarre. New comic material?
    PS How good are The Shins? I'll try to make you an MD of all of their stuff I have.

  7. Hey funny story! Yep looking forward to the isnot launch. Would like to also stay down for the Bite party but I'll have to see...

    Yeah I liked that last mix tape so much i went and got the album chutes too narrow, really good stuff. On a semi related note (Shins-Garden State-Scrubs) been really enjoying watching the Scrubs DVD's, it's really clever and funny writing.

    Hope all goes well with the Bite printing

    Also glad everyone enjoyed the Lost entry. It's kind of obscure, I know. but if you're into Gustons work you might agree that a lot of his paintings had this kind of 'lost' quality, can't really explain it anymore than that...

  8. Love the design of this illo!! V interesting idea!

  9. This is quite fun and well done. Looks like it should be posted up a tack board.


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