Fat Cheeks distro now has some copies of Scrambled #4 and also 7Pages digest #2 in stock, so go check out the site for lots of ziney goodness.

Also that Ray Johnson book has blown my mind…Kinda like researching Basquiat and Guston last year, and Alexander Calder the year before that. It’s definitely changed my perceptions of what I’m doing with my art. It’s one of those things were it’s all the stuff you’ve kinda been doing and thinking, someone else show's it in a clearer light.
I’d been planning a few mail art projects anyways, but this books totally inspired me to dive right into it with a passion.
But like I’ve said earlier, I’ve been having tons of ideas recently but I only have one month of my course to go so I have to really manage my time well.
Can’t wait to get stuck into my correspondence again though. The old mail box has been very quite over the last few months…

Also some updates:

Current projects on the go-

• Finish the print run of Scrambled #4 (I’ve run out of the first 100)
• Print up more 7 Pages digest #1 for al the lovely people who missed out the first time.
• Get 7 Pages digest #3 out on the shelves and into peoples mail boxes
Once I get on top of these I can really start sinking my teeth into the next issue of Scrambled J


Thanks for reading...

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