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This weeks theme didn't bring much to mind for me* but I found this picture of a bunny sitting in a chair so I used it. It was hard for me to top last weeks entry as i was so happy with how it turned out. You could say this ones is a follow on as it uses similar composition on colours (even the same script type writing) but none of the image was taken from web sources like the last few entries, chair just seemed like more of a personal theme...

The back ground was composed of my own photo of an installation I did of a piece of photocopy art. It was a picture of a guy dancing with the text 'fuck art let's dance'. I had something to do with the complacency we find ourselves in from being bombarded with images of natural disaster and war. So it's kind of like, 'forget all the important issues lets get drunk and dance!'. Which sometimes you just need to do...

*I've seen plenty of artists find inspiration from chairs it's a rich theme, but one that maybe takes some more time to ponder.


  1. Great job, Andrew for someone who couldn't get too inspired from the topic. I believe Robert Hughes the art critic once said: Fuck art, let's fish (or something like that).

  2. I like where you went with this! It's a great looking photocollage - colors, textures, etc...and I like the message. BTW - you should use your name on the submission list - IF has become so big that I've started just clicking on those names I know... I wonder if others are doing the same thing? Yes, I did click on your link this time, but it was a fluke. Glad I did! This is excellent!

  3. This is great! I'm the editor of an online zine -- -- check it out. We're taking submissions for our second issue. I'd love to see more of what you've got along the lines of combining visual/literary art.

  4. I always like seeing your work man and I agree--despite all the craziness in life you gotta simply get up outta the chair and cut some rug! I've seen this message on a "coldcut" cd too (actually I think it was "F*@k dance let's art").

  5. i reallyyy like it , it has left a big smile in my face...

  6. It's a PINK BUNNY arghhhhhhhh! They scare me ... saw one once dancing :) I fuck dance and do art ... plus forget about the daily disasters whilst doing it. (X dancer) Tell your bunny to put the drink down ... only makes matters worse. Really enjoy where you are going with this new series Tone Upward!!

  7. Wow! thanks all for the great comments :) Yeah I know the IF list is getting so big you have to go for the names you know first before you start making your way through the list (if even possible) but I thought it was really funny how some people put strange names on the IF site to draw attention to their entry, so I entered my name as insert attention grabbing name…

  8. I should also add that i didn't mean to say I wasn't inspired by this weeks theme, I meant initially nothing came to mind. I don't do an entry unless I am inspired by some idea or another.
    Also props to my friend Lumpen who I derived the text from. He has a zine called oompa-lumpen which had a page with a picture of an ape with the words 'fuck art lets dance' which he also found somewhere. I am aware that the phrase come from somewhere out there just not really sure where it originated. I should google search it

  9. This just has to made into a CD cover!


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