So I bought the Canon scanner today (lide 60). I really was very doubtful about it but I need it fro some illustration work. The thing that finally made me fork out the cash was the thought of being able to do more frequent web comics. The thing that was making me doubt the purchase was the scanning program you get with the program, it seems very frustrating to use after using an excellent Epson program at school.

I finally got some comments on one of my comics so thanks monkeyjedi and Anonymous! I know there are invisible eyes looking at the site but it’s nice to get that confirmed in a comment and it doesn’t feel like I’m just talking to a brick wall.
There will be more comics being posted here now that I have a scanner at home, and I’m trying to figure out a good schedule for doing that. I don’t want to do it every day but I’m thinking 2-3 times a week would be cool and manageable. I would be very reluctant to even post comics on the web if it wasn’t for Ive, you’ve got to admire his determination to stay in the daily grind contest

Also start my new job as teacher next Monday, here’s hoping they don’t eat me alive…


  1. I just realised that i actually did get some comments on those last comic posts...So ignore what i said (except for the thanks)
    Also forgot to link toIve's site

  2. Maybe we three blab too much };-}
    Nice looking scanner!

  3. It is very important to keep dust out of your scanner, and cat hair. Do not let the cat sit on the scanner. I now have a dead Precision Scan 5400C scanner (cleaning cost $250 - forget it).

  4. Hmmm... how happy are you with the scanner? Are any of your scans online? thanks!

  5. it's okay actually. i was just used to using a flash epson scanner at school that had a much higher DPI range. But for the illustrating job I was doing this one was fine (it goes up to 1200DPI) also you can clean up art work in photoshop later. So for $120 it's fine. kinda wishing I got a some sort of multi function one now though (printer /scanner).
    Two problems i found with the scanning program ( I knew canoscan would be annoying)

    1- when you preform a preview scan, it automatically changes setting for you instead of letting you do it.
    2-you have to actually close the scanning program to save your images (it doesn't save them as you go). I can't say enough of how this bugs me. Who would design a feature like that?? what use does it have!!! The reason it bugs me is I like to scan as i go. I'll have photoshop and the scanning program open at the same time and go back and forth between the two if needed.
    So it's these features that they build in to make it easier to use but actually just make it more inflexible (guess they figure no ones going to buy a $100 scanner for a professional job) I find the same thing happens on some photocopiers they automatically resize your images or crop them without any option to turn that function off!

    All of the comics I have put up on the site (they're low res though so they're not a great indication) have been scanned with it. And for web purposes it's completely fine. really depends what you're wanting it for?

  6. Hmm yes, I've heard that the Canon software is very awkward. On the Mac, the program which monitors the 'easy buttons' on the scanner actually sucks up a lot of CPU time, so people have disabled it.

    I'm interested in it though as I mainly want to use it to keep track of paper documents (I have a habit of losing papers!) and for copying pages at the library. It seems to be the only decent scanner that fits in a backpack.

    Ironically, I have have a brand-new, unopened multifunction printer/scanner (Epson CX 4200) that I wan to sell so I can pick up the LiDE 60. (It came bundled with my MacBook.) I wish you lived closer-- maybe we could work something out!

    Oh, one solution you may be interested in: VueScan. It's a highly-regarded alternative scanning program that works with the LiDE 60. $50, but there's a 30-day trial to see if you like it and it may make your life easier.

  7. I think it’d be fine if you’re just doing paper documents. You won’t be doing things in high resolution. The thing I forgot to mention with the scanner is that it’s the model with the 2.0 USB cord, which I’ve found this makes scanning so much faster than the older type usb cord. I actually had another cannon scanner two years ago but then when I bought my G5 they weren’t compatible…
    Also it is fairly thin and lightweight too, could easily be carried in a backpack.

    I think the problems I had with the program were probably cause I’m using it for artistic purposes (going between programs like photoshop and the scanner) really it's just one more step, equivelant to two more seconds not that much exta trouble. But just frustraing when you're not used to doing that.
    I think it also comes with text recognition software (don’t quote me ;))

    Yeah a swap could of worked if we were close…;)

  8. Actually, your old scanner will likely work with the G5 if you use VueScan. Of course, it will still be relatively slow as it's USB1.1.

    Seeing as you're a Mac user, maybe you could answer another question that I've been trying to resolve... concerning the text recognition software (OmniPage SE). It's supposed to be pretty good, but do you know if it works without having Classic installed on the Mac? I read a review of the LiDE 80 (slightly older than the 60) and it mentions this requirement, but I can't find any documentation confirming that it will work fine on a MacBook Pro (which doesn't support Classic). Actually, I'm not 100% sure that non-Universal Binary drivers will work at all...hmmm.

  9. Sorry Khalid, it's an area outside of my knowledge as I've never used text recognition software.
    I used to work in a internet cafe a number of years ago when a customer asked if we had text recognition software. I though he had been watching too much star trek and only NASA would have that kind of program. I felt really embarrassed not long after when i realised it was actually quite common software....


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