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An eye for an eye, simple...


  1. Grrrrr ... thought you wrote "an eye for an eye" is simple!!! Where is your comeback comment to Anon? I'll poke out your other eye then ... simple ...

  2. How honoured i am to have my pages graced by that little sweetie hellcat ;) I'm playing a little devils advocate with the eye for an eye

  3. So you SHOULD feel honoured! Don't know how you're managing cause I've scratched both your eyes out plus the guys in your image's eyes. Thought I'd show you all how it's done properly. But you can't see. MWAHAHAHAHAAA

  4. oooh you evil cat! I'll get June bug onto you if your not careful ;)

  5. I think I know these guys! Hmm, this'll need some thought...

  6. It was from a night in Geelong with the boys. It was a golf buggy with four mean lookin' security guards...

  7. Oh BLAH! I thought it was you looking at Bloody Mary in the mirror!

  8. golf cart shenanigans? mean security guards? sounds simpley scarey ;)


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