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What a great theme for illustration Friday. I like ones that can be interpreted in many way but are still specific enough to warrant a response! I thought on this a little while and thought how can I not do a piece on Ani Difranco. What can i say, I'm a big fan...Her songs are amazing they have this kind of beautiful humble simple way of penetrating my mind and I find lyrics from her songs repeating over and over in my head. She's not for everyone but that just means there's more for me ;)


  1. Oh WOW, here are more of Anthony's colours and layers! The outlines of instruments look great as a background/foreground. Is that you dancing :)

  2. Very interesting and appealing, the layers are amazing.

  3. Sharp layering of the guitars and banjo,looks like there's even a keyboard or sound board in there,in the background, don't know her music, but you certainly have her looking like a very dynamic artist.

  4. I found this print of Ani and wanted to somehow use it but it would of taken me too long to get permission to use it. But check it out all the same :)
    In the background you can see some sort of diagram for making guitars, and there is some sort of musical scale in the background on the right.
    The very back is a details from a Vermeer painting of a girl playing guitar. I thought this would be a nice contrast between her and Ani.
    For Ani’s website go to,

    Sorry anon, not me dancing. Will have to post a drawing of that soon ;)

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  6. That layered piece is sooooo nice! Love it…
    Still working on your Christmas card, he-he… I hope you are not moving, like Anony… Also, oil of wintergreen works really well on transferring photocopies, but I am having hell of a time finding it here – it works, though. Image face down, apply, burnish, and remove paper, voila! Some people recommend diluting it with rubbing alcohol, so oil won’t bleed so much.
    Xylene Blender pen works the same way, and you have to burnish what you have soaked, but has tons of fumes and it is generally not cool… Lily.

  7. This really is quite the layers and the overall excellent and moving composition:>

  8. This is a really cool piece. It looks like a poster.


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