Heres a guy that collects art from conventions on the them of a cliff
Also John K has a blog
And how genius is this idea to get comic artist to do classic book covers, would love to see more of these

Also been doing some research into transferring photocopies any one got any tips that actually work well, also consider I’m in Australia so I cant by products from other countries easily…

I’m going to try and pick up some citrasolve which apparently you can get from supermarkets here…If that doesn’t work I’ll go with the matt medium method.

Also hunting for a scanner..I loking just to get some far cannon are the only cheap ones i've seen but i hate that canoscan program. The school scanners are epson which has a fantastic adjustable scanning program


  1. Re the Canon scanner ... sure I had conoscan in the past but deleted and didn't need to use that program - or only kept the bare minimum installed. About to throw away a canon scanner ... too bad you're so far away ..

    I lightly spray photocopies with water than run them through an etching press.

  2. I had to bite the bullet and buy the cannon scanner today...I just need something basic for home. Thanks for the tips on photocopies, I still haven't tried turps yet...maybe some tups and a roll through the press?

  3. Now remember, I didn't spray the photocopies but used lightly damp paper to tranfer onto with the press.


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