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  1. Oooh WOW, very graceful, refined and refreshing! Luscious liquid with greenery!

  2. Lovely "collage-like" effect! Makes for a smooth illo!

  3. That is great! Juxtaposition of grace of the tea ceremony and the bunch of mad hatters – perfect! Has both a vintage feel and contemporary edge. Really enjoyable.
    P.S: Have you been to Anony blog tea party to get this green?

  4. Yes I have seen anon's entry this week, very green. I wanted to do a piece that somehow expressed what the tea ceremony can mean, which to me is about acknowledging 'other', cherishing the guest and appreciating every aspect of our lives.
    I couldn't resist throwing in an Alice in wonderland reference...it works as a contrast between east and west attitudes towards tea.

  5. I like the fresh feeling in your illustration, yet a feeling of deep tradition, you have more than finely presented here, wonderful.

  6. The greens and blues heree are so clean and, yes...refreshing. This has such a serene quality. I like your new banner...there seems to be a new look here...very nice!

  7. Thanks Carla! Yes there is a new look I’ve redisgned my blog something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile ;-)

  8. love your work :)
    the blog's pretty too... nice designering

  9. A beautiful picture you've done.
    Your blog is great. I like the way it fads to the next post.

  10. Thanks rikki your sites interesting too. Thanks all :)

  11. Now whose doing the sublime to the ridiculous?! :) Heehee, I enjoyed this a lot. We all have our own strange rituals... we're all mad here!

  12. Anthony, funny thing - I was talking about Moth & Tanuki just now and someone else mentioned Tom Robbins! This is only the second time I've heard of him, but he apparently has a Tanuki character as well - will check him out soon...


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