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Thought I'd post another comic. I wanted to put in up only in B&W but couldn't help myself but give it a little colour. This comic was written a few weeks ago when i was feeling blue about being unemployed. But then I found out about some illustration work and also school is nearly started up again so that be even more work! If it doesn't rain it pours...


  1. HA! June isn't scarey at all .... I'd poke her eyes out for you but your partner seems to have already };-}

  2. For opinion stuff the thing is whether you say "I think" or "I feel." My equivalent of your "I think" is probably "I guess," or maybe the more simple and eloquent "uh."

    I find whenever I tell people I draw comics the first thing they ask is... dahdah... "Do you get paid for it?" I watch their mouths open and the words come out in a big balloon over their heads. Now I can say "Yes, sometimes" and that shuts them up!

    Nice comic, I relate!

  3. Fucking LOVED the Vibewire comic. The pacing, the colour... Pip pip, old chap. rather brilliant.

  4. Hi Anthony! Just came across your blog. Fantastic work!!I Will definately be back.


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