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Just time for a B&W, but i like that you know...


  1. Now we've got that new debate about "Low Art," which is comicky stuff often featured in galleries these days. I dunno, I've always believed that the medium needs to suit the message, whether it's an oil painting, in installation, a comic, a piece of music, whatever...

    I remember the critics being kind of bemused by the anthro approach of Maus when it came out. It's a great piece of work, but it has been fascinating to watch it's rise to such significance - as usual becoming the exception to the arty rules about comics!

  2. Hmmm.. I am not very much in the know about comics and graphic novels and so on, but I do appreicate the debate you illustrate here. As Ian said, the debate goes on in almost every artistic area. Anyway, I like your stuff, and I like the variety you've been showing lately. Your blog has a whole new look too...fresh!

  3. Maybe what it is that frustrates me with art is that he has the ability to do a lot of good from the success of Maus, but he seems to be actually stilted by the success of it and caught in its shadow somewhat too. I got his latest book, ‘in the shadow of no towers’, and I liked the content but I didn’t think it deserved the format it had (A large hard cover book with stiff pages) which kind of seemed overproduced to me. I think it would of worked much better a s a chris ware acme novelty type book (non-hardcover)
    Nuff said…

  4. I should also add that the whole high low thing doesn’t bother me any more. A si said in the comic, you make the art you want and leave it for others to decide its merit.
    It also helps to have an understanding of the difference between art and craft (that is without the judgement of one being better than the other) they just have different objectives and also histories. But as with comics and art they can be both and sometimes neither. There’s a lot of craft in art and a lot of art in craft. To me postmodernism can be described as the blending or intertwining of art and craft.

  5. I like what you said about art and craft a lot!


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