Comic resources

Thought I'd do a little post on a few comic drawing resource websites

*This artbabe one is great. Even if you know most of it there's always one little gem or a different way you've never tried.

*Just read this 'for better or worse' process (one of Heather's favourite strips) be sure to click on the 'next' arrows and not just the title headings

*And this also from, some disney notes on style. once again maybe simple stuff that you may do intuitively but it still helps too read
Also there's that new Scott Mccloud book (I haven't seen it yet) and I also heard from Mandy Ord about Matt Madden's '99 ways to tell a story'

It's awesome that these days you can type pretty much anything into google and get tutorials on. This is especially helpfull for phtoshop techniques you dont understand.

I'm trying to find out if I can buy an 'ames lettering guide' in Australia or find out about an international order friendly store anywhere in the world. They only cost around $3-4 but would be so handy for lettering

But, the best way to learn how to draw by drawing comics ;)


Thanks for reading...

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