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Here's an actual photo from the previous post. The differences are caused by drawing from memory. But I was close...


  1. This looks like an interesting exercise, drawing a random thing from memory then taking a photo. Like the opposite of taking reference photos.

  2. I love you Andy!!!!!!! I love your borrowed glasses and your drawings, which i forgive you for.

    I suppose your not coming to newcastle this year. Pity we could have been better friends.

    Sam Twyfordmoore

  3. Borrowed glasses?

    No I don't think I'll come to newie this year...I was going to see if I could get funding but even then I think it would be advisable not to add another comitment to my time at this stage.
    Do you have a new email Sam your older ones not working for me

  4. yeah i'll send you an email


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