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Oh yeah!! new Joe Matt confirmed for November! Drool!! Can't wait to read it, the last issue came out about 5 years ago.

Sorry I haven't been bloggin much recently...My time seems to be getting eating up by my work

I was in Queenscliff on the weekend and popped into the 'Salt' gallery there where I saw the wonderful paintings of Tarli Glover. They've really taken me and I can't stop thinking about them. It's not very often that I see art and think, I'd buy that, esp paintings. Luckily I was able to appease my intrest by finding some images on a salt related website, even though they are only tiny 72 dpi jpegs...


  1. I went exploring to Queenscliff a few days after Chrissy, and happened upon "Tarli Glover"
    Wow !! I was hooked,so after aganizing as to which painting I could not live without..Guess What? I purchased them both...
    Now waiting anxiously for there delivery


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