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One of the ways to deal with a phobia is a method called desensitisation therapy. Say you're afraid of snakes, first you start by looking at pictures of snakes then maybe touching a rubber snake, then looking at a real one, then maybe touching a real one. But maybe not in that few of steps depending on the phobia. Although I did hear an urban myth about a psychologist and their patient dying whilst trying to overcome the patients fear of elevators. Upon the elevators doors opening there was no elevator and they fell to their death. It doesn't sound very true to me but a ironic story all the same.
Speaking of snakes I'm not afraid of them per se, but last summer we spent some time at this beach house where people had spotted tiger snakes and brown snakes a few days before we were there. So I admit to being a little jumpy every time I stepped out the back door...


  1. don't you all have like half of the deadliest snakes in the world? love your illo though, the color and layering are fab!

  2. All part of life in Aus. You have quite a collection there!

  3. This might work with snakes.... and by the way your illustration is beautiful in color and design... but I don't think it would work so well with yellow-jacket wasps. Somehow I get the feeling they do not like to be touched.

  4. Ooh I hate these guys as well, great job Anthony.

  5. Many beautiful snakes, great looking piece, don't know about the therapy though, worth a go maybe. Very cool work!

  6. All part of life AND death in Aus ...

  7. Obviously this kind of therapy is harder an longer than it sounds. But sometimes fear is a good thing...yes australia does contain most of the deadlieast snakes in the world

  8. this is a really cool piece of work i like the whole idea with the phobia of snakes , i also like the abstactness and the color choice


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