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Happy new year every one!

20007 2007 2007 Just wanted to write that few time to get used of doing it... This new year promises to be filled with lots of new comics from me. The past year I missed making zines and writing to friends due to work commitments (although I did get out two zines) I've been going back and forth in my mind how I want to make these coming zines. My two alternating ideas are 1-Make a medium sized zine with a card cover of a different colour. 2-make a small zine on white paper. I'm trying to strip things back and I really like the simple zine aesthetics lo-fi, no-frills kinda thing, so I'm leaning towards the second option.

My sites

As I’ve mentioned earlier I’ve been having problems uploading comics to both my Livejournal site and here. This is because of the differing pixel dimensions on the two sites. But so it doesn’t seem like I’m abandoning the blogspot readers let me explain what the 3 different sites are all about 1- This is a site mainly to post news about my comics and drawing endeavours. I often find it hard to keep track what a lot of other cartoonists are up to so I decided to create this blog to keep anyone interested in what I do in the loop. Drawing events, exhibitions, new books I’ve bought and would like to review, stuff I’ve come across on the web etc. The last six months or so I’ve been getting more into posting web comics. I have a lot of web friends that post comics on Livejournal and I like the comments options on their LJ sites, ie, I can reply to your comment and you get notification in your inbox instead of having to check back on the site. 2-awcomix.l

Book reviews

Ghost World. Once again thanks to the local library I get to read a comic gem for free! My last find was Scott Mccloads reinventing comics' which came just in time for our trip to perth and the long plane flight. Snake Pit. Found this one at sticky whilst i was in Melbounre very breifly the other day to pick up some christmas presents. I really enjoyed reading this book and I'm going to have to try and pick up some more issues. The Drama. My freind Pete brought this over last night to show me. A magazine called the Drame which seems to have predominatly comics contributers and articles on comic realted art and artists. Going Down Swinging. Just got my copies of the latest 'Going down swinging' a literary journal usualy but half of this issues features a comics section editied by Mandy Ord. I have 4 colour pages in this one, I'm really happy with how they come out. Any more news on these Australian laws about posting links as a violation of copyright

How to make Zines

I’ve just finished writing my first draft for my booklet on making zines. I wanted to post it here to get feedback and for people to point out any mistakes etc. Keep in mind it’s a very fresh first draft. I’m thinking of looking for a free photocopier printing up as many as I can and donating them to libraries, especially High school libraries. No doubt they have strict rules for submitting books. Let me know what you think either way… ****************** Introduction “Why did you write this book on zines” I saw my first zine in a café around 1997, it was a collection of short stories and musings. I am not really sure if I had heard much about zines before that, but seeing what this person had done it inspired me to try and put my own zine/book together. Under a year later I had drawn a collection of short comic strips and put them out as a book in the same café. At first I was reluctant to use a photocopier to put the book together fearing that it would be of substandard qua
I've just switched over to blogger betta and trying to tweak it now. Since I was gone, blogger, livejournal, photobucket and my internet banking all upgraded to new systems (actually I think blogger did this even before then) I need to increase the main area once I can find it in the new code also add a picture to the header and put all my links back in...


Here's my entry for Illustration fridays 'help' I used this last year for IF for the theme Broken I've been out of swing with IF the last month or two which is a combination of being busy with school ad not being overly inspired from the themes (ie, thanksgiving) I have been working on daily comics which has been sucesfull (ithink almost a month now) so if you like reading comics take the time to check it out here. I've bought and been given some comics recently so I'll have do a post on that.

Back from trip to perth!!

Trip to Perth was great but feeling very tired now and can't relate any storiess.... but I can tell you this, We can finally announce it to the world after waiting…Heather and I recently found out that we’ll be parents next year!! We’re really happy and excited and can’t wait for June 17th!!

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