A6 book still

Here is roughly a in scale version of what the A6 pages would look like with Lulu's pocket book size. I can't decide if there's too much space above and below. I would have liked it to be snugger. What do you think?
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Or there is Davids Ano's version


  1. probably not what you want to hear, but that's way too much space, you might want to think about some way to fill it up. If you want to preserve the integrity of the original thing, maybe draw a separate strip or something to run along the bottom, like the second strip in Maakies, or those old strips that Herriman drew with Krazy Kat down the bottom.
    Or maybe just crack open the photoshop and rearrange stuff to fill up the space more.
    But I don't think you can leave it like that, sadly.

  2. thats exactly what i wnat to hear, a real opinion thanks ;)
    Yeah it just didn't sit right with me...but I want to print the collection so badly. I had thought of running something along the bottom but it would make this project too large. One idea I had was to spread the introduction accross all the pages instead of the first few pages.

    I never really wanted to reprint any of the sketch book material but as I said I would love to make this book for myself. It'd be great if there was a australian or european site which offered standard A4,A5,A6 sizes

  3. The "white space" is not bad, but the way you use it. Are you really going for a gray background? If you make it all white, chop off the scanned binding of the sketch book and then you can enlarge the art a little bit more.

    This example I give opens of the page a bit and does not seem confined.


  4. I like your example, thanks. The original 7 pages had a grey background it was a way to show that the sketchbook page in contrast. I may put yours next to mine for comparison if that's okay. Cheers :)


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