I spent the afternoon putting together a mock up of the 7 pages collection. This came about after realising that could use the original templates to make a spiral bound book. It was a crazy idea but I thought it just might work…and it kind of did, at least to a level I’m happy with for a personal copy. Some of the holes punches cut into some writing on the edge of some pages and every 3rd page or so is actually upside down. It’s still a collection.
It’s so weird to read through the pages and see the development of my ideas and art. I’ll have to have a hard think about if I do really want to put this collection together for others, as now that I have my book I feel content to leave it at that. It has got me thinking about a 7 pages digest collection as I do have 8 issues currently out that would make a good TPB.
Will have to post some photos soon…


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