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So I think my dream of a little A6 perfect bound book will be too much trouble to do, but I now realise that lulu's 6 x 9" size would be great (roughly A5) the original sketchbook pages are A4 anyway so at least i'll get more detail in that regards, plus pricing is exactly the same for both prices. I stil have 50 other pressing thing to do before I undertake this project though...


  1. I tested your print surface for the trim size of 6" x 9". The margins actually work a lot better than the 5.5" x 8.5" trims. Cheers!

  2. have you looked into these guys at all? I know nothing at all about them, just came across their website.

  3. David: It sure does the dimensions are pretty much the same. Once things settle down i'll get to work putting it together which in itself will take at least 1-3 months!

    Andrew: had a look and they seem interesting but they have a $100 set up fee, only one size (A5) and a minimum of 25 copies. But thanks for the link. I myself have searched through google for an aussie site to no avail. I think the new size (6 x 9") will work for all purposes ;)

  4. I keep waiting for an Aussie site too ... blah having to Lulu.


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