Pentel Brush Pens

I'd been wanting to get a Pentel brush pen for awhile now. This mostly stemmed from trying to find some sort of pen that has a flexible end to create variety and interest in the line work of illustration jobs I get (I work in a slightly different style for the jobs based on the jobs itself and the commercial and/or time restraints) So having a pen I can ink with without having to slowly dip a brush or nib into ink would speed the work up just that little bit for me.
I've tried a few of the marker type brush pens but invariably the ends are too fat.

I recently got onto the Faber Castel Pit pens which are probably the better pigment ink markers around although the ends do seem to wear out fast (even with flipping the tip)
Sarah Howell recently had shown me her Pentel brush pen, which was the first time I had actually seen one of these elusive creatures; She tells me Tim Danko tipped her off about these pens a couple of years back...

Then recently reading Nicki Greenbergs Blog I realised that there is actually two types of Pentel brush pen, the 'Aquash' (approx $6-7) and the 'GFKP' (approx $27)
The Aquash has a reservoir you can refill with ink and even water colour, where as the GFKP uses cartridges (not sure if you can sneak your on ink into these cartridges).

Anyway Nicki recommended the Aquash and seeing how it's cheaper and refillable I jumped onto the phone with Eckersly's Art store in Melbourne and ordered two of them; Just recently fully realising how quick and easy it is to mail order stuff, where as in the past I'd wait for rare trips to Melbourne and maybe not even find what I was looking for.

I'm hoping that I can use ink from my huge bottle of Rotering tech pen ink, as I figure it's designed for pens already and quite different to regular indian ink which would surely clog the pen.

If the Aquash ones aren't what I'm after, ie, too fluid or fat, then I'll most likely order one of the GFKP model from 'Wills Quills' in sydney.

After successfully ordering the two 'Aquash' pens I went into my local art store (it's really just an office supply store) to get some plastic pockets and saw they had a whole display of the Aquash pens! This is after repeated inquiries if they could order pentel brush pens, to the reply that they were not on their ordering lists...
I picked up one there and then as I figured Ash would like one too, and an extra one wouldn't go astray. I half filled it with Rotering ink that I had and it seems to work well. Sometimes it seems to gush with too much ink which could be just a matter of having a scrap piece of paper on hand. I think I will also order the 'GFKP' model from wills quills in Sydney and see how that one goes too.


Thanks for reading...

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