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I watched a video on synesthesia the other day ( care of bOINGbOING) I have seen another documentary on it years ago which was longer and more informative. The synesthesia described in this video though seemed to be a lot simpler than the previous documentary I watched. This recent video said that you have synesthesia when you associate letters or numbers with colours, which I just thought was normal. I have particularity strong associations with the days of the week which I thought I would share here, Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday These are approximations of the colours I associate with certain days. I could probably fine tune it if I was to use the colour picker in Photoshop.

A must watch

Yellow Cake from Nick Cross on Vimeo .

Preview of my next comic

Here is a sample page from the comic I hope to put out by the end of this year. I have been working with Mark Selan or Sureshot comics in editing the overall story. Early on in the story of the comic some elements just did not flow right. I was happy with how they were drawn for the most part although a lot of the text had to be rewritten to flow better. I devised a solution for editing the work without having to redraw the whole thing again. I decided to use the method of printing the artwork in blue line (I erased the content of panels I was redrawing completely before printing) and then re-lettering where needed. I took out some redundant panels and tried to add new panels that gave more flow to the storyline. I could not help myself redraw my head in some of the panels as my style had changed slightly and I wanted the character to remain more consistent.

Not fun

This has been happening to me more than I would like lately. I put it down to not drawing enough and not having enough down time. I have been studying web 2.0 in depth this past week, now I feel all self conscious blogging, how does this blog thing work again?

Thanks for reading...

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