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I just finished scanning the last page for my next comic. An I have to say I am very happy with how it turned out. It is funny how whilst I am constructing a page I have to fight myself not to tear it to pieces, but then when it in in the finished book I do not mind it so much. This particular page is an extra one I wrote for the new comic which explains how I was feeling when we moved back to Australia from Canada. It was an emotional page to write and draw and I hope it shows in the work. I think it can be difficult writing about feelings with out it being trite or cliche, so hopefully it rings true.
I also had a panel where a drawing of a face just was not right. I I have learnt over the years that it takes skill to recognise these weak spots and then courage to go back and redo them. I was almost about to redo it and then realised it was juts a slight proportional mistake in the face and I was able to move the nose and eyes over slightly and it looks much better.


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