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Garbage stickers

Here's a quick scan of my fist attempt at a series of hand drawn stickers. I tried out a few different pens and ink and got some interesting results. These ones are about the size of a playing card. I got the idea to make stickers from looking for ones for my sketchbooks. As I usually have a few going floating around the place i pick up stickers where I can, mostly just junky free ones. With my latest sketchbook I thought I'd look around for a good sticker. I needed it to be mid sized and around $2.00-2.50 after some fruitless looking I found a neat Gamma-Go sticker. But this got me thinking about making my own nifty stickers to give to friends and possibly sell some to other artists or people who use note/sketchbooks. Listed on etsy or you can just email me or leave a comment if you'd like one. More to come...


Good news! I found some sticker paper at a printing store that I can buy by the sheet. I did a little mucking around with some ink and sharpies today. These ones are only little, I'll be doing some larger ones soon.

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