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Comic for Colt 45

Last year I was told about Vice magazine looking for comic artists to do comics for an advertising feature for the beer Colt 45. I was jobless and desperate for any work I could get, so I went ahead and made a submission. Funny enough it was selected and I was asked to even do it in colour. Looking back I feel weird about the comic. I do not think it would of been something i would have done if I was not desperate. I expected to get paid a decent amount but as it turned out the page rate was quite low for an advertising feature. I never did receive the cheque for doing it, and I was unable to follow it up. Good news is I have contacted them again and different person is helping me sort this out. In other news, the New Yorker features an excerpt of Crumb's new book.

Death Mook

This is a literature anthology that came out this year. I features a variety of written pieces with illustration used through out thematically. I submitted a few drawings from my '100 doodles' project last year, from which one was used. The image was a little smaller than I would have liked and yes that is someone else name credited to my drawing in case you were wondering.

Printed works

I do not post enough about the other places I sometimes put my work. Which means that people never know other places I put my work and it really just disappears then into the void. Over the next couple of days you will see a selection of work that has been included in other publications or projects, starting with a sample of the comic I did for Tango last year. You can read my earlier post about some of the ideas behind this strip and for more information on the Tango comics anthology go here,

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