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Pentel Brush Pen Review (GFKP)

Image care of I first bought this pen a few years back out of curiosity, after talking with Nikki Greenberg about her drawing process and some tools she was using at the time. It is for these reasons that I am often on the lookout for a drawing pen that can give me a nice variable line, something that instantly has a bit of character to it. Tombow brush pens come close, but they are disposable and drain quickly. I have a similar feelings about Faber Castell Pitt pens, although I know of many people like Lucy Knisely and Adam Koford who use the Pitt pens with great skill. I have recently revisited Pentel's GFKP brush pen. It has a flexible brush tip and can be refilled with specially made ink cartridges which are relatively cheap and seem to last for ages. The pen gives a nice lush line with an easy variability. The ink is dark and waterproof and can handle watercolour and ink washes over the top. On some types of paper the ink can take slightly longer to dry wh

Pentel Brush Pens

I'd been wanting to get a Pentel brush pen for awhile now. This mostly stemmed from trying to find some sort of pen that has a flexible end to create variety and interest in the line work of illustration jobs I get (I work in a slightly different style for the jobs based on the jobs itself and the commercial and/or time restraints) So having a pen I can ink with without having to slowly dip a brush or nib into ink would speed the work up just that little bit for me. I've tried a few of the marker type brush pens but invariably the ends are too fat. I recently got onto the Faber Castel Pit pens which are probably the better pigment ink markers around although the ends do seem to wear out fast (even with flipping the tip) Sarah Howell recently had shown me her Pentel brush pen, which was the first time I had actually seen one of these elusive creatures; She tells me Tim Danko tipped her off about these pens a couple of years back... Then recently reading Nicki Greenbergs B

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