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Inking practice and finding the right tool

For one reason or another, I used to have a constant unease with my inking practice. I have spent a long time trying to decide on the best tools to ink with even though I know it doesn't really matter, you just have to choose one. I keep coming back to my trusty tech pen. It's what I draw the most with and it's what I enjoy drawing the most with, but there's a problem. When I pencil and then ink the page with this pen I'm unhappy with the result, the lines are a little too stiff and there's not enough detail...but if I draw a comic without penciling then I am happier with the lines overall. For the most part, I try to always draw without a pencil, I have more fun with drawing, and I can be surprised by the result. But when I'm drawing a comic this approach only gets me so far, especially if the scene to draw is complex in some way.

Drawing process

After watching the trailer for Rogue One, I felt inspired to put some characters I've been developing into a Star Wars scene. I took progress shots as I went to hopefully show a little bit of the process.

Act rather than think

Sometimes when you're caught in a bit of a drawing or writing rut you can't help but go over and over things in your head. I was reading a post  on one of my favourite non drawing blogs, a fantastic blog on the process of innovation, and I came across this quote, " a bias towards action, not thinking" When you feel stuck it helps to get the pen moving, just get started on something anything. If you have new ideas, try the new ideas. Be ready for failure too, that's ok, but don't be scared to just jump straight in and try out some new things. This is one of the many reasons I think sketchbook practice is important, it helps you get out of your head and act on ideas, and you never even have to show anyone if you don't want. In short, if you ever get stuck, just keep on moving.

Paper tests with a tech pen

I decided to do a quick paper test for a new comic I'm working on. I was going to go with Bristol board as the drawing substrate and thought I'd give it a quick test.

Notes on Productivity

I've struggled with productivity over the years. At some stages I have had superhuman productivity and at other times super slug levels of activity.

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