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Spinach Comic Book Template (Procreate and Photoshop)

Ever since I picked up the iPad app Procreate, I have discovered a new joy in making comic pages. It was tricky at first, however I have now drawn over 100 pages of comics and settled on a good layout system.

Pages assist discovery in Procreate

I've been using the handy 'Page assist' feature in Procreate for making comics. A cool aspect of this is that you can use the first layer as a 'background layer'. This background layer persists through all layers, making it perfect for guides or for when you export the final artwork.

Comics Template for Procreate (Updated!)

Lately, I've been experimenting with making comics quickly to share on Instagram. And when I find myself doing something on repeat, I like having ready-made templates to remove some of the friction of getting started when you have all the right layers and guides already set up.

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