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New comic! Imagined Mysteries

‘Imagined Mysteries’   By Anthony Woodward.  My new comic is out and you can download it for free from the Caravan of Comics website run by Andrew Fulton. This comic explores my thoughts and feelings after the passing of Leonard Nimoy earlier in the year. I immediately felt inspired to try and explain what Nimoy’s portrayal of the TV character Spock meant to me and how I felt he fit into the cultural landscape. The comic itself was a different direction for me from what I have done before and the work I plan to do in future, but it was this weird little ball of inspiration that had to come out. After finishing this story, I sat on it for a while, because I just didn’t know where it sat, was it worth saying, and what do I know anyway… Ultimately I’m proud of how it turned out and I think it says something important about our collective subconscious and about the importance and danger of the human imagination Grab yourself a copy here

Chugnut Comics No.3

Chugnut Comics No.3 now available, inspired by 'Free Comic Book Day' I have put together a showcase of some artists here for you to download and checkout, totally free. Clicking on the link will take you to a download page were you will see the file called 'Chugnut_FCBD_2013', from here you can download the file (perfect for a tablet) or chose to read on your browser.  Enjoy!  

Sketch Book Comix Series Issues 1-4

The four issues of my Sketchbook Comix series, ' Good to Go ',' Stupidity Tries ', ' In the Lost & Found ', and ' Rose Parade '. Each issue is a collection of my daily journal comics drawn in between 2008-2010; With some additional material added as an epilogue. The first three issues also have guest artwork by Chris Downes, Mandy Ord, and David Collier. there are lots of ways you could do to show your appreciation if you feel so inclined, -Leave a comment in this post -Tweet, share, link, post about these comics -Email me and let me know what you thought

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