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After creating and self publishing a few collections of my own comics in between 1998-2003 I decided to go to art school. I started a drawing zine that same year, after discovering a free photocopier. The zine was called ‘7 Pages’. It was an A4 page folder into quarters and contained 7 pages of sketchbook drawing, plus a cover. It was distributed around in local cafes for free and became quite popular, at least in the local area. It was around this time I started blogging as well. This formative period shaped most of the work I would produce over the next few years. As I went through art school and struggled to find my place, trying to somehow reconcile my love of comics and my new understanding of ‘fine art’. Although this was a frustrating process, it did eventually deepen my art practice and I was able to find a nice balance between my comic work and other experiments with mixed media and collage work. In addition to this I also developed an interest in collaborative and mail art

Narrating Personal Interest

I have always loved to draw however I started drawing more seriously in my late teens and subsequently began making comics after seeing the excellent Terry Zwigoff documentary Crumb. I had read Crumb’s comics before, however discovering Crumb’s art and his passion for drawing sparked something in me. Since then I have discovered many talents working in the alternative comics scene like, Daniel Clowes , Julie Doucet , David Collier , and Marc Bell to name a few. In my 20’s I decided to go to art school. I already had a strong drawing practice and I knew what I wanted to get out of the experience. I quickly discovered that my interest in comics was not necessarily an advantage and it caused conflicts with my lecturers. Looking back and can see how it must have been hard to understand where I was coming from, and admittedly fine art and comics do not mix well. In saying this I am not implying a value judgment of either creative endevour, and I think this is the common mistake people

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