Tommorow I fly off to Canada, more updates to come.

the last 7 Pages...

that's right the last in this series any way. It was a tough decision for me to make as 7 Pages is my little baby, but it's time for the baby to grow a little, find it's feet, spread its wings (Enough metaphors!) well you know what I mean. I'm working on a new zine (A6 size booklet) that should be ready in about a month. Unlike 7 pages it will come out every 4-6 weeks instead of every 1-2 weeks and will be bigger in page size, approximately around 28 pages. This new project will open up allot more creative opportunities and allow me to put a wider range of material in it. Maybe that takes away from 7 pages intimate diary like format, but in the end I think it's readability will be increased (in terms of coherency). Another one of the reasons for the change is the hardship of the printing costs each week, and the difficulty I have had distributing 7 pages outside my own area (as opposed to Melbourne zine stores and national zine distributors). So having it come out

7 Pages #10

The latest 7 pages (No. 10) came out yesterday. I'm starting to get a bit more regular now that I'm back at school...Speaking of school it's not going as bad as I thought it would be. There are little pieces of sanity to keep me going, little glimmers of hope. On the comic production front all is well (Albeit slow) But I'm getting there putting together the pieces and filling in the gaps, I can't wait till it's done. I just noticed a lovely piece of Graphetti (Public art) today and it's not too bad. You can see it if you stand on the corner of Camp and Sturt St, it's next to the big billboard. Hopefully this inspires some more. I've been meaning to get out and do some stencils myself, but with all this school work, zines, and comix I'm not left with much time for it, oh well maybe later in the year...

7 Pages #9

I'm almost at the end of another sketchbook, it seems like I just start getting comfortable with a book and then it's over. As noted in 7 pages I did recently receive the Marc Bell book I had on order from Highwater books It's called 'Paul and Shrimpy and Friends' and it's bloody brilliant!! In other news School's back’s to another 4 months of art snobbery! Extra!!!- I now have enough material for a new comic!! It's been a long time in the making but soon the wait will be over. Once I put al the material together and find a printer you should have it in your hot little hands in around a month. Also in November this year i will be holding an exhibiton of my work ranging from prints, paintings, sketches and other such things so start savin' yo dollahs.

7 Pages #8

Hey Ho lets Go! A new 7 Pages, just in time for the weekend! I'm very happy with this one actually, it feels like I'm getting a good momentum happening. I got the page order a bit mucked up for copying, though so you'll have to do a bit of head sctracthning to figure it out. I just found out how I can order some of my favourite sketchbooks that i cant get here, through the mail (From Canada) But I might be going there for the month of september, so maybe I'll just pick them up then. Until next time...

7 Pages #6

I made it to the photocopier today to pump out 70 copies of 7 pages #6. It was actually ready last friday but I never made it to the copier in time before weekend closure... This issue looks a little different as I've started using a new sketchbook that is not spiral bound. This is because the paper in those things is so rough and scratchy. Once again this zine took a little longer than the first four ones. The main reason being is that I'm purposely slowing down with my sketchbook work as to focus on doing some finished comix. But not to worry I still get quite a bit of practice done in the ol' sketchbook so 7 pages will be coming out every 1-2 weeks instead of every week.

Thanks for reading...

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