Talking to Pete on the Phone

I've finished the print I'm taking to Newcastle to sell at the zine fair. I'll also be taking down my other prints and hopefully I can discuss my technique and ideas behind them. Not sure how many of these past prints I can sell as i need to keep 2-3 for my end of year folio. Also I made a comment about how some of my comments aren't getting posted. Well yesterday I made a post and it didn't get posted, and now it's nowhere to be seen. A bit of a worry...


Here's my interpretation for the word 'fresh' for illustration friday. I didn't think I could do it this week as I', busy with another art history essay and the lead up to Newcastle this weekend (TINA) Plus the word fresh didn't bring anything to mind really other than vegetables... Click here to see my inspiration for this piece found by googling for images of laundry powder I also thought I'd stretch myself and do this in Illustrator. I know how to use it sufficiently but seeing as how I'm more of a photoshop man, using illustrator is like writing with my left hand or backwards (Sometimes both) I can do it but it feels strange. Or I could relate it to trying to cook a meal in someone else kitchen, you know what you want but not where to find the ingredients and utensils...That's why I love a lot of the illustrator art out there, it looks as though they've cut it out of paper! or painted paper then cut it out. They must create their own swat

I-pod Comics

After thinking about podcasting and the whole i-pod thingy, I got to thinking about i-pod comics. Surely this is something that could start a whole new wave of digital comics and animations... Anyway I cam across this site that is basically set up to facilitate this kind of thing Click Wheel I don't own an ipod so I don't really have a full understanding of the different features that some of the ipods actually have. From what I can tell the comics are only like silent slideshow but you can sync music with them. What would be ideal is if you could have a voice over and sound effects to go with it, or even better simple animations with voiceovers and sound effects. Does anyone out there know any more information on this subject or have an interest?


Heres my interpreatation for the word 'Escape' for

Links, Screenprinting, comics...

Just updated my links which I’ve meaning to do for awhile now. I’d like to add more personal ones but I’m trying to keep it to sites I visit every few days and also not overcrowd it. A lot of the sites have links to the other sites I could list. After that trip up down to Melbourne the other week I’ve been thinking lots about artists books and crafty things like that. I’ve also made some developments with learning about screen printing thanks to Dan Zettwoch site And I’ve found so many comics to drool over on the usscatastrophe site(See side bar). Lot’s of Silkscreen and gocco covers

Platform Exhibtion

Here's a little map to help you find you way to the three windows that I'll be displaying some prints in for the next two weeks. If you have any problems finding it or queries about the work itself email me on: If you have seen the windows I'd love to hear you thoughts by leaving a comment! Cheers A.W Ps- Thankyou to the Platform Artists Group for letting me use the space :)


I never really mention what i do these IF pieces in. Mostly I do all the colouring in photoshop from a drawing on paper. This one is a black pencil drawing combined with a newpaer collage, then aranged on photoshop.

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