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As I may have mentioned earlier is soon to be launching a comics section on their website. Vibewire is like anonline ‘voiceworks’ with all the good stuff that goes with it, links comments and the abilty to have your own blog with vibewire as well. The site might take a little figuring out how to navigate (no more than yahoo or blogspot etc) but it’s fairly simple. So to submit comics you have to become a member. I have been asked to take on the role of comics editor for vibe wire, I’m not really sure what the editorial position will consist of, it’s all yet to be figured out. But for now you can submit comics on the test site which will hopefully be launched very soon. Once the comics section is up and running on the actual site I’d also like it to include reviews and any other pieces of writing on or about comics. From time to time editors from other sections of the site may contact me for illustrations to go with articles. This can work out really well if the theme ma
thought maybe I'd start posting some regular comics. I've been doing a lot of these sketchbook ones lately.


My entry for this weeks for 'Glamour'

7 Pages Digest Subscription

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE A SUBSCRIPTION TO '7 PAGES DIGEST'? This year I’ll be frequently putting out my 7 pages Digest zine, of which I’ll be offering a subscription service. The Digest comprises of 14 pages of sketchbook material reproduced in an A6 booklet, which will be coming out every six weeks. The first three issues have already come out and the next five will be coming out over the next six months. In Australia: -Be sent the first three issues =$2.00 (AUD) -Or start a subscription (5 issues) =$5.00 (AUD) Rest of the world: -Be sent the first three issues =$3.50 -Or start a subscription (5 issues)=$12.50 -Alternatively get all five issues at once which saves on postage (5 issues)=$4.50 Send cheque, money order, paypal or well concealed cash to: A.W Comix, POBOX 174W, Ballarat, VIC. 3350. ~


Here's my entry for 'Cats' for Medium: Digtial collage

M.A.P.S information

Hi there everyone. Just sending out a friendly little reminder that the deadline for the ‘Mail art portfolio swap’ (maps) I sent a call out for is due in around a weeks time (28th Jan). I was going to send this reminder a little earlier so if you need another week just let me know. Some people I didn’t hear back from officially but I’m kind of sure that they want to be involved, so make sure that if you are in MAPS email a response to this email and let me know how you’re going, problems queries concerns etc. Look forward to seeing the work Cheers Anthony

7 Pages Digest

School is now finished and maybe now life can get back to some normal pace for awhile. So in that case I will definitely be putting together and distributing this 7 pages digest very soon. I am also restructuring the price and lowering it to only $1.00. This will basically cover my postage costs to send them to distros and such. I will also be sending out a lot for free to people who I think are nice. This issue will have minimal copies printed and the next issue will follow very shortly. Go to the comix catologue link for ordering information. I will also be offering that if you write me and include a .50c stamp (in australia only) I will send you a copy or two of 7 Pages Digest. Which will be valid for issues 1-4. Other wise (if you’re shy) you can purchase them from ‘fatcheeks distro’ (See sidebar) or 'Sticky' located in Melbounre. A.W Comix, POBOX 174W, Ballarat, VIC, 3350.

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