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It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a few months now but there were a few things I had to sort out first. I still probably need to tweak some things but the majority of the hard work is done. I was going for a simpler and more customized look. Hope you like?


So I bought the Canon scanner today (lide 60). I really was very doubtful about it but I need it fro some illustration work. The thing that finally made me fork out the cash was the thought of being able to do more frequent web comics. The thing that was making me doubt the purchase was the scanning program you get with the program, it seems very frustrating to use after using an excellent Epson program at school. I finally got some comments on one of my comics so thanks monkeyjedi and Anonymous! I know there are invisible eyes looking at the site but it’s nice to get that confirmed in a comment and it doesn’t feel like I’m just talking to a brick wall. There will be more comics being posted here now that I have a scanner at home, and I’m trying to figure out a good schedule for doing that. I don’t want to do it every day but I’m thinking 2-3 times a week would be cool and manageable. I would be very reluctant to even post comics on the web if it wasn’t for Ive, you’ve got to admire

Funky Cheese

The comics just keep coming...


Heres a guy that collects art from conventions on the them of a cliff Also John K has a blog And how genius is this idea to get comic artist to do classic book covers, would love to see more of these Also been doing some research into transferring photocopies any one got any tips that actually work well, also consider I’m in Australia so I cant by products from other countries easily… I’m going to try and pick up some citrasolve which apparently you can get from supermarkets here…If that doesn’t work I’ll go with the matt medium method. Also hunting for a scanner..I loking just to get some far cannon are the only cheap ones i've seen but i hate that canoscan program. The school scanners are epson which has a fantastic adjustable scanning program


What a great theme for illustration Friday. I like ones that can be interpreted in many way but are still specific enough to warrant a response! I thought on this a little while and thought how can I not do a piece on Ani Difranco. What can i say, I'm a big fan...Her songs are amazing they have this kind of beautiful humble simple way of penetrating my mind and I find lyrics from her songs repeating over and over in my head. She's not for everyone but that just means there's more for me ;)

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