Been meaning to mention this forepaw thing I got an email abot a month ago about drawing meetings happening a place in high street. I haven't been able to go yet but hopefully sometime soon to meet up with some comic folk. Heres some details and a link for other comic minded follk ;) Do you like to Draw? Do you like People? Do you like to Draw with People, People who like to Draw? Happening on the last tuesday evening of every month, TRAILS is a new regular night of social drawing at Forepaw. You're invited to come and sit, draw, collaborate, improvise, experiment, and shoot the shit with fellow drawerers, comicbook artistes, small-press nerds, ink studs, scratchers, scribblers and doodlers. We've got some paper, pens n pencils, but you'll probably prefer to bring the tools you're comfortable with. At the end of the night, we'll scan everyone's drawings, and publish a zine of that month's work. There'll be free copies for everyone at the

Inkjet Printing

I’ve been doing a tonne of research into inkjet printing over the past month or so. This is mainly to advise my students of the best print option in terms of archival qualities and light fastness etc but also for my own digital work that I have yet to find and acceptable print medium for full colour images; For me the biggest factors are accessibility in terms of price, quality and actual location. Doing the research has made me realise the fragile nature of other forms of photographic printing which we accept without much question, this quote sums it up: "I would contend that too much emphasis is put on longevity today. None of the other art disciplines are as concerned with this topic as digital printmaking is. Even photography is plagued by process such as the most popular C-Print (Chromogenic) process which chemically deteriorates even in the dark. Even Cibachrome / Ilfachrome prints can not keep up with certain inkjet inks and media. Watercolors are prone to fading as are pa


'Run' for IF
monkey sniff This is the clip I was refering to in my last comic post


I've been continuing enjoying painting the colours into my drawings with Photoshop recently. I've spent the past three years trying to figure out how translate my drawings into painting and or collage, but I think they best suit being digitally done. I think it just took me awhile to figure out how to colour them in a way that felt creative and not just using the paintbucket. Also used the actions pallete for the first time the other day, it's so awesome!!

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