Good sketchbooks

Today I finally solved a mystery that has been plaguing me for a few years now…That is, how come I can sometimes get good sketchbooks from art stores and other times the exact same brand is crappy and unusable. Regular readers will know that over the years I have harped on about not being able to find a decent sketchbook. It’s been a continuing theme in many stories. Let me tell you how I may have figured it out. First my friend Mel believed she had solved the mystery by telling me that the company ‘xpress graphx’ seels a premium variety of sketchbooks, which they do. I thought my problems were solved but when the local art store got in a batch of the ‘premium’ books in, unofrtunatly they were fairly ordinary books. I went back to my original theory that the company must use whatever are the cheapest materials without any thought of consistency. I thought I'd just wait until a new batch of good books came in. Then today I decided to actually phone the company . I described m


I made this redbubble T called 'Play' last week. I have had two sales already. I definitely want to upload more white on black designs in the coming week

New T-Shirt

I just uploaded a new T-Shirt on called 'Blaster'. Remember that I have other designs on there to and also take orders for custom designs. Redbubble uses quality T-Shirts using a technique as good as if not better in some respects than screeen printing. They also have very reasonable postage rates wherever you are in the world and all for only $30. Click 'Blaster' above to order.
Still finding it hard to keep up with the drawing to any significant degree. Although I am probably managing around a strip every few days. Most likely just due to being strapped for time and not having many comfortable drawing nooks. We are not in our own place as yet but we have applied for a place that seems perfect for what we want. Hopefully we will be finding out more about it tomorrow. I still have a pile of emails to catch up on and other various errands that are falling by the wayside. If you are waiting for a reply email from me just drop me another reminder (having dial up again does not help either) Good news is I will be doing a workshop this coming Friday which should be fun and pays well. Other than that the weather has been warm and my hay fever has been going nuts. Damn I need to get back into daily comics, I just can not scratch the itch with these written posts…


I was thinking today that I may have to take a break from the daily comics until we find a place to live, as I just can’t seem to catch up with them. This is not really ideal for me as I feel that documenting this period could be really interesting but all of my spare time is filled with finding a place to live. Currently we’re living at my mums place which is getting cramped and frustrating for us. Perhaps I can do some written posts for a little while it may be easier to keep up with
I did some sketching yesterday afternoon whilst out for a coffee. This is something that I have neglected doing for ages and it takes a few drawings to get back into the swing of it. I'm not aiming for great drawings here but rather just jotting down peoples poses and clothing. It is not easy as you sometimes only have around 5 seconds to get the details down as someone passes by.

DWWP review

The other day I picked up Matt Madden and Jessica Abel's book Drawing words and writing pictures' which I had been wanting before it came out. I should preface this by saying I am big fan of 'how to' art books, and make a point to read them when I can. The best way to see if you will like the book is to look at the art inside, if it is good then it makes sense that the advice will be also good. Then again I have read my share of bad how to cartoon books as I always find it interesting to read from another artists perspective and you can almost guarantee that there will be one little gem of information in the book that is helpful or in the very least confirms what you are already doing. I really liked Jessica Able’s DIY guide to comics on her website (which is currently down and or in the process of being moved to the website) and I also like the both of the authors art. Sure enough I was not let down by this book! Not only is it very comprehensive in terms

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