I'm almost two weeks into my mini comic challenge,

1-I have started with a script for the project. I have dabbled with this before but no to this extent. I started writing the story in a screenplay prose format initially, but then about 2/3rds through the story was getting off track from my original idea. I jotted down the basic concept in a synopsis/treatment style. This helped a lot and meant that I got the bare bones of the story down. Once I was happy with that, I tuned it into a numbered list and placed a return where I thought each panel break might go. This left me with about 30 panels. Doing the math on this only leaves me with about 5 pages so far, but this should right itself as I go. 2-This is the storyboards (thumbnails) stage. For most of the work I have ever created I have started with this stage. Which is fine for shorter works but you quickly run into problems past 3-4 pages. I'm about halfway through laying out the script into storyboard form at the moment. I probably prefer to refer to it as a storyboard a

Mini Comic Challenge

Here's an invitation to join me in a challenge: Write and draw 12 pages of comics in three months (from June 7th to Sept 7th) At the end of three months print in A6 mini comic format The rules above are really the only two rules I will set as such. Some suggestions however could be: Keep it simple, eg, B&W printing Add a cover to your 12 pages, eg a 16 page mini comic containing 12 pages of actual comics Try to make a coherent story rather than just a collection of snippets or doodles Participants can encourage each other and maybe even launch their books togther Participants Ive Sorocuk Matthew H T Emery  Ian McMurray  David C Mahler  Leonie Brialey  Neale Blanden Andrei Buters  Josh McCrimmon Adi Firth Sarah Firth Tom Edwards I have also set up this Mini Comic Challenge Community over at Google+, if you have a google account you can join the community and post progress notes and or images

New Drawing Adventures

Recently I've been experimenting with various drawing techniques for my comics, whilst it has mostly been fun, it has also kind of been driving me crazy. At the same time it is for a reason, I want to write a comic and draw it... Sounds simple right, and perhaps it's not that unusual from what I've been doing for almost 15 years now. But I want to make something a bit more substantial, I want to make something a bit more solid and lasting, a longer narrative so to speak. To achieve this I have to settle on a drawing technique that I can depend on to express what I want to say but at the same time not take me forever just to get a simple page done. My previous drawing techniques, whilst they have served me well, I don't believe they will serve me well for the scale and type of work I wish to make. I'm a big believer that comics should be produced in a non laborious way, not to say that artists shouldn't take time and care with their work, but each panel shoul

Chugnut Comics No.3

Chugnut Comics No.3 now available, inspired by 'Free Comic Book Day' I have put together a showcase of some artists here for you to download and checkout, totally free. Clicking on the link will take you to a download page were you will see the file called 'Chugnut_FCBD_2013', from here you can download the file (perfect for a tablet) or chose to read on your browser.  Enjoy!  

Chugnut Comics Digital Anthology

For the past two years I have put together a digital comics anthology, initially inspired by 'free comic book day'. I love the idea of  digital anthology and it is much easier for artist to submit and I can distribute it worldwide almost instantaneously. Below are the first two issues, and coming next week will be issues No.3! A PDF file which can be read on your tablet, computer or any other device that reads PDF files. It's totally free to download and you will be able to match the artists pages to an to their names by using an index at the front of the book; as well as links to each creators site. The material is mostly compiled from Chugnut  attendees with some guest appearances. Click here to download All new Chugnut Comix Digial anthology 2012! A PDF file which can be read on your tablet, computer or any other device that reads PDF files. It's totally free to download and you will be able to match the artists pages to an to their names by

April Update

I have begun study for the semester again which has been taking up some mental capacity usually saved for creative pursuits. I have been buying all sorts of new pens to try out. In addition to the brush pens I have been playing with recently, I just purchased some fountain pens to try out as well. They are actually really nice to use, I was thinking I might post a review here soon. I have been itching to dig my teeth into a comic project recently I have a few little ideas but nothing is really grabbing me at the moment. I have basic ideas of what I want to do, but I'm being lazy with the writing and expecting a fully formed script to fall into my lap. I reminded myself this morning that if I want to get some writing done then I should practice writing everyday, I guess even writing this old blog post is practice in getting my thoughts down. I still find writing comics the hardest thing about making them, and not through lack of ideas, but my ideas just don't flow into comic for

Sketch Book Comix Series Issues 1-4

The four issues of my Sketchbook Comix series, ' Good to Go ',' Stupidity Tries ', ' In the Lost & Found ', and ' Rose Parade '. Each issue is a collection of my daily journal comics drawn in between 2008-2010; With some additional material added as an epilogue. The first three issues also have guest artwork by Chris Downes, Mandy Ord, and David Collier. there are lots of ways you could do to show your appreciation if you feel so inclined, -Leave a comment in this post -Tweet, share, link, post about these comics -Email me and let me know what you thought

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