One last swan dive - 9th Oct


Mouth breather on the train - 8th Oct


A couple of nut jobs - 7th Oct


These dudes - 6th Oct

I felt like drawing the guys out of Flight of the Concords . I don't always like drawing characatures but I think these came out well

Inktober update

5 days into the Inktober challenge and things are going well. I have set my own rule for the challenge to not use pencils, just straight ink drawings onto paper. I have this particular simple style in mind that I've been trying to achieve. Partly inspired by my 7yo son Elliott's new found love of drawing and also from playing 'Draw Something' on the iPad which forces you to simplify your art. There is a certain amount of happy accident feel to the style, and something that hopeful is a bit more direct and truthful in the art. It's funny, as looking back at my work I have noticed this tendency to lean towards this simpler style, however I have this notion that I have to draw more realistic. That line doesn't really make much sense, but it's because it's all a bit new to me as well. As I mentioned in this previous post , I have found my drawings to be more interesting when they aren't planned in pencil first, they are also more enjoyable to draw, as

Angry Dude - 5th Oct

I did a heap of drawings today for inktober, I found it hard to pick one. This guy stood out. He's a character I've been trying to nail for a story I have in mind.

Scavenging - 4th Oct

I've been enjoying listening to the World War Z audio book which inspired this

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