Bloop mini comic has began online

I begun posting my mini comic I started last year for the mini comic challenge on my tumblr account. The best way to see it is if you click this link , which lists the pages in the correct order. The project is tentatively called 'Bloop' however I don't know if this is the final title. The artwork is all completed and I have scanned all the pages in. I am currently working my way through adding the text and grey tones digitally in illustrator. I love the freedom this approach affords me even though I am well aware of the pitfalls of using a digital font. This is an experimental comic for me. I went completely, or maybe as much as I could bear, out of my comfort zone for this one. Using different materials, tools, scale, writing method the whole shebang. The other thing I should mention is that I'm writing the dialogue from a loose outline, there is no definite script as such. I had a few shots at writing the word for word dialogue out and it didn't really get me

Repost: Drawing of Hap Hayward of the band ‘Underminers’


A return to buildings

I seem to always return to drawing buildings. It is one of the most enjoyable things I find to draw. I love to draw strange architecture and impossible buildings. I am fascinated with the ad hoc nature of some buildings, how air conditioning units, and plumbing and electrical wires are added to buildings after the fact. Whole new additions are added, old windows and doorways are bricked in, an outdoor staircase added to a new floor. You could probably use one of my favourite fancy words, palimpsest, to describe it but it is something more than that. It has something to do with how we piece together our lives. How we have certain plans or the best intentions, but our life ultimately ends up being a patchwork of what we can pull together. Just like a patchwork quilt, sometimes we find interesting little scraps to piece together, sometimes it's pieces of whatever we can get our hands on. It ends up creating this beautiful mess, or should I say you have to take pride in your beautiful

Inktober update

I'm still posting my inktober drawings on Instagram and sharing them out to Tumblr. I am going to stop posting them on the blog here to avoid doubling up, rather I might post a collection later or post some recoloured works.

Whiteboard drawing - 12th Oct


Skull Boy - 11th Oct


Missed day - 10th Oct

I missed a day around about the 10th. Realistically I had enough content to post something, but I wasn't feeling well this week with some sort of cold. When doing these challenges I think it is good to do your best even if you miss a day here or there. My last two drawings in particular I was extremely happy with, ' One last swan dive' and ' skull boy '. Something about drawing this way feels a bit more natural to me, that is to draw straight with ink using no pencil preparation. This is something I have always found  to produce drawings that I feel are more unique to me. It can be scary though, there is comfort in drawing in pencil first, and the results can be unpredictable. I think sometimes this comfort can make you lazy though, using ink only forces you to think about exactly what it is you want to draw, you can't just leave it until later to figure out. If I don't know how I'm going to approach a drawing then I find myself undertaking some prel

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