Free Wordle Scratchpad Template

Wordle still continues to be a daily dose of normal in a weird time. I don't try to play competitively with Wordle, meaning I just do it for fun and not obsess about how many rows it takes. However, when I find myself on row 4 and I'm still not really getting anywhere I break out a sheet of paper r or post-it notes and quickly draw a series of 5 underlines. 

What's does a zine mean?

Zine is short for magazine and pronounced ('zeen' not 'zoine'), is a self-published booklet, usually small and given away freely or sold for cost. In many ways, zines defy definition. They're strongly tied to subcultures such as the Punk and DIY scenes, they emphasise a do it your self mentality with a lack of artificial pretences.

Comics Template for Procreate (Updated!)

Lately, I've been experimenting with making comics quickly to share on Instagram. And when I find myself doing something on repeat, I like having ready-made templates to remove some of the friction of getting started when you have all the right layers and guides already set up.

Wordle praise

After an initial curmudgeon reaction, I gave in and played Wordle...

Introducing a new comic name

I posted recently about trying to come up with a new name for a comic. I think I may have settled on a winner.

Deliberate practice

The above image was formed from a combination of ideas from three separate books that I have read. The books are, Growth Mindset (Dweck), Peak (Ericsson), and Grit (Duckworth). 

Revisiting Gumroad

I signed up for Gumroad many years ago, as I always like to test out new platforms and see if they'll be a good avenue for sharing my art. I set up a few initial products (mostly comic PDFs) but to be honest I never really put a lot of time and effort into the site.

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