Why digital

I was recently asked why I print digitally instead of print. I have nothing against print and I love collecting reading and storing my print books. But I also love digital for these reasons

Making an ePub (Part One)

Around 2015 I started dabbling with making epubs. My interest was in making ebook comics and being able to distribute and sell them in bookstores around the worlds. After some initial trials I ended up publishing both George Bloop and Imagined Mysteries. It was a fun experience but I got busy with other projects and put it to the side.

Raw Feels By Leonie Brialey

Raw Feels digital edition has officially launched! Last year I reached out to Leonie to collaborate on a digital verion of her 2016 book Raw Feels, as her work perfectly fits the genre and style of work I was looking out to publish. Not only that it fit in terms of giving a wider audience to something that initially had a small press /print run.

Pages assist discovery in Procreate

I've been using the handy 'Page assist' feature in Procreate for making comics. A cool aspect of this is that you can use the first layer as a 'background layer'. This background layer persists through all layers, making it perfect for guides or for when you export the final artwork.

Digital Distribution

When I first had the idea for Spare Parts Press , I felt uncomfortable with the few aspects of the venture. In some ways, I think the awkwardness was from being too timid and in other ways, the awareness pointed to important aspects of what I was trying to do.

Gumroad NFT drama (part One)

After recently advocating and singing the praises of Gumroad as a digital storefront, they went and jumped the shark...

People that buy art are investing in something

It is a common thing for an artist to hear this phrase when someone buys their art (especially in the early days and from friends and family) "You never know what this will be worth someday" OR "Make sure you sign it, it will be worth more when you're famous one day..."

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