New Atelic sketchbook

Recently when I was in Toronto for TCAF and picked up this new book

Fake it till you make it

Certainly, I know I'm late to the party but I'm finally getting around to watching the Beatles doc get back. I knew it would be interesting, but I also knew it was 6 hours so I put off watching it. However, it is riveting to watch them work and see their creative process.

Making an ePub in Apple pages (Part Two)

Last year I started experimenting with making ePubs in Pages. I had previously dabbled in hand coding epubs in 2015 using open source software like Calibre and Sigil. Sometime in 2018 Apple announced that their software Apple Pages can now export not only in epub, but to fixed layout epub. Perfect for comics.

Winter of Our Pandemic: David Collier

The latest graphic novel by Canadian Comic book artist David Collier, published by Spare Parts Press.

Bean Burrito comic lettering font

Continuing the thread on comic lettering, I came across a cute comic font on Twitter. Called 'Bean Burrito', by the comic artist  Sara Linsley

Working on my lettering

When I started my Bored in Space comic, I was going for a different look than my usual sketchbook style I had for my autobio comics.

Brand new Growth mindset and Deliberate practice poster

I love this poster and it still holds true. I decided to redraw this poster and make it available as a digital download. "Deliberate practice always follows the same pattern: break the overall process down into parts, identify your weaknesses, test new strategies for each section, and then integrate your learning into the overall process."

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