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Now that we have moved house and have mostly settled in, we are getting ready for the birth of our new baby. We both really like the new house although I am feeling a little disconnected from usual routine of art making. I think this comes down to not having established new spaces for my art materials and art making itself. This is not to say the house is not conducive for art but rather I just need some book shelves and drawers perhaps to store and easily access things. I seem to be running behind posting comics and art out to people and even just responding to emails. I have been making a new comic every four days which I have been posting to the comic artist rehab blog. The story is one that I have wanted to tell for a long time and I am glad to finally be producing it. Once I am finished the comic I think I will add twice as many pages and print it up as a zine. I recently completed my last visit to the State Library of Victoria, where I have been going and volunteering to catalo
This is a custom comic I made for badaboom twist's David Libens.



Fundraising is all over!

I am happy to say that even thought I didn't reach my full goal of $1500 I am still extremely grateful and appreciattive of the wonderful people who contributed some money for some original artwork to help me put towards a new computer. I will update soon on the computer situation. I wil be sending out artworks next week, and I wil most likely be getting in touch with those of who who have not specified specific artworks. I think I will also upload the remaining artworks to my Etsy site in the coming weeks. In other news I have signed up for comic artist rehab. Since the move of house I have been feeling like I need a kick in the but to get working on some comic projects. Go here to check out my first entry. PS- Subscriber comics will be getting sent out in the next day or two!

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