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Spare Parts Zine

This is a new 24 page zine I put together on the weekend. As with the previous three zines I put out last year, they contain a collection of sketchbook material, scraps, doodles and comics. I have printed up 100 of these and I am offering them in return for contribtuions to my 'new iMac' project for contributions over $10 , this zine is not available anywhere else! Link to project site

Blue 07

Walking home from work down this cool street. Yours for only $20 dollars!

Blue 06

A dusky view from the train window of the Ballan station. Any donations for my computer fund are welcome!

Blue 05

Elliott had passed out in his pusher, it was a rare ocassion for us to enjoy a dinner out together and talk. Another piece you can put your name down for here

Blue 02

This is a typical conversation sitting in the supermarket carpark. I'll be adding more of these drawings I'm doing for my fundraiser as I make them

Computer fundraising project

As suggested by others I have decided to start a fund raising project to help buy a replacement computer. At first I wanted to use a website like (US only) but then I found out about a few others that are internationl fundraising sites, such as which is the one I ended up going with. I now have my own project set up there which is running for a month and a half and will try to raise $1500 to replace my old computer that died last week unexpectedly. In exchange for donations you will receive various levels of rewards. Check out the project page for all the details

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