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Tango 7: the sedition edition

This from Dear Friend of Cardigan Comics, and past and future contributors to Tango, I know you've been champing at the bit to start writing and drawing comic strip stories about Love and Sedition for ages now, and finally your time has come: if you click on the link below you will find all the information you need about how to contribute a story to the next issue of the giant Australian romance comics anthology, Tango: Please forward this link on to anyone you think would be interested, and please contact me if you need more information. As all of you probably know by now, I'm not the quickest email replier (hah!) but I'll get back to you eventually. This is really a comic book whose time has come, so pick up a pen and make some art. Make some dangerous art. Yours, Bernard Bernard Caleo Proprietor Cardigan Comics PS Thanks to Justin Caleo and Ma

LJ feed

I’m going to be doing some reorganising of things in relation to my websites (yes plural, that’s the problem) I've had heaps of fun and learnt a lot from challenging myself to post an entry every day on my livejournal but now that I'm back at school I wont be able to do it and it doesn't make sense for me to try and jungle two web sites. So I discovered that LJ'ers could receive a blogspot feed and also discovered that one had been already made for me. So all you LJ friends if you want to keep getting awcomix updates and comics on your friends page then go here and friend the feed ;)
I’ve just spent a few days down at the beach on holidays before I start the teaching semester next week. I don’t know if it’s the impending doom of work looming but I can’t help but feeling like I need to retract from the web a little. I’ve been successful at sending more letters recently and I’ve even received a few in the mail and I can’t tell you how much I really enjoy that form of communication. Another thing that’s bugging me is, I sent out a bunch of submissions and received three knock backs out of around 6 applications so far. I know I have to look on the bright side and there’s actually plenty of them at the moment, but I can’t help but feel the sting of these minor setbacks. It’s coming up to nearly 10 years of drawing and making comics, but it’s only really the last few years that I feel as though I’ve really been starting to scratch the surface of what I can do. I have all these stories and characters in my head and I know I have it in me to make what I would consider to

It's done!

I was successful today with the printing of 7 Pages digest #7. I'm actually really happy with how this one came out, I wasn't too sure if it would work as it's 2/3rds drawings and 1/3rd comics but it actually came together really nicely. I think from now on I'll be making them around this size (32pp) or bigger.

Dreamers Distro

I come across this cool distro called dreamers distro . She's not taking any submisions at the moment due to a backlog of stock, so I suggest you all get in touch and order, or link on your sites to help out a strugling distro. Cheese and kisses oxoxo

Comics @

As I'll be busy over the next three weeks I have added a while bunch of comics over at These comics are from Scrambled #5 which moist probably haven't read before. I've done this as they have a nifty time release feature which means the site will publish one page per day for me. I wish LJ had this feature!! Any way go here to look at the gallery of comics, theres two available so far but like I said one page will appear every day except on Sunday (this is on American time too)

7 Pages Digest #7

Coming very soon, the new issue of 7 pages digest. This one's going to be around 32 pp long without the cover. Plus my favourite copy store is now back from holidays and I nearly got copying there down to a fine art. Can't wait!
So you;re interested in comics but don't really know what's out there? Check out Toronto's comics stores the 'beguiling' book page here...
This is going to be so awesome!!! I'm actually palnned to be at the beach this weekend so maybe I''l send in some goods, but would defintly like to make the next ones!! This from the 'Forpaw' folk "Hi, There's gonna be a new monthly artist and zine market at Forepaw. We'd like to have a whole bunch of you people selling the stuff you make (zines, books, tapes, prints, discs, shirts, comics, muffins, whatever) here on Saturday the 24th of Feb between 2pm and 6pm. Spots are already filling up mighty fast so if you'd like to be involved send us a note quicksmart, eh. This'll be a real fun day, a couple good bands are gonna play in the early evening and there'll be lots of "hanging out" and chances to meet other makers / nerds. The aim is to fill just the shopfront (and some of the street outside too, probably) with sellers n punters this time round but if all goes well we'll expand out into the backyard and laneway for the nex

Hourly comics day

For the month of January stereotypist does hourly journal comics! So on Feburary first they invited other artist do do the same for that one day. Here is my effort...

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