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Workable texts

I was was trying to think about a list of classic texts that would be good to translate into comic form. Ideally the texts would be short, ideally around 100 pages and out of copyright. The idea being that a comic artists could take this text and use it to cut their teeth with the comic medium. Perhaps even a single text that had been done before, imagine being able to compare how different artists tackle the same subject matter. Here is a list I have come up with (with some help from internet friends) Hamlet Death of Robin (Theme?) The Bible Metamorphosis The Raven A Christmas Carol 20,000 leagues under the sea Sherlock holmes (Character) Dickens (Author) Feel free to leave some more suggestions in the comments. Whilst the all the above do not all fit the criteria I thought it wold stil be interesting to list. 

recent stuff

Bit of a weird weekend, been distracted, busy etc. Managed to pick up some new sketchbooks on Friday though and a new aquash pen. Each time I have picked up the pen recently I've felt too bummed out to do that much, not really sure why. Did some sketches this morning and a few minutes later, after grabbing something in a different room, I came back to Zoey painting with ink over them, my fault really. I drew up a little comic I hope to ink later tonight. The biggest problem I find recently when sit down to draw is I don't know what I should draw, even though I have lots of different projects I could be chipping away at. Heather gave me some great input the other night and got me thinking about some directions I might take with my coming comics. My biggest fear is that I'm just going around in circles and not progressing at all, even though I try and convince myself that it is not true.

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