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Thanks to my friend leigh recent re interest in Garbage pail kids he's also got me looking at John Pounds artwork from the series. Sketch book painting of John Pound


Got this exhibition at Granery Lane with my brother next month. It's going to have a collection of some of my collage works and maybe a print or two. I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile heres a little of what you can expect...
Went to the comic meeting in Melbourne on Saturday at St Jeromes which was excellent. Also picked me up a copy of That Mcsweenys #13 whoop whoop whopp!!!

yabba dabba

Thinking of going to Melbourne this Saturday for this comic meeting thingo, be good to finally meet some of these other comic artists. Been getting into these 60's flintstones annuals covers. I'm not a believer in the whole 'our culture is getting worse' argument I just think it's easier to sort out the junk from the good stuff when you have the advantage of time
Hey where has my comments option gone? Oh well, if you click on my name at the bottom of the post the option for coment does come up...So pretty please leave a coment, I need to know if any one is reading, but then again I'd probably still do it anyway
I've just found out that I misquoted David Collier on the back of my7pages special edition. As a matter of fact I quoted him for something he didn't even say which was "Being the best comic book artist in the world is like being the best badminton player, no one really cares" And the reason I said it was collier was because a Hamilton Newspaper had quoted him as saying it. So sorry about that Dave. The real credit goes out too Dan Clowes for that one. Wrote 4 new pages of comics last night, seems like I'm finding it easier to locate that inner voice and let it flow a little more. Only problem is that, do I use it for my own comic or submit it somewhere 'the Sparks' or some such. Guess I'll just have to keep on writing. Jeff Raglus
just thought I'd write a few words...Looks like I'm going to newcastle this year for the writing festival (And all the rest of the shenaningans) Had art history today, which always ,makes me feel a little wierd. Which is maybe because it's not real life, by which I mean it's all about art and the importance of art which leads you to why does it all matter why is it taken so seriously. Some one puts out a new work or new style, some embrace it, some dismiss it and moslty others don't care. It's really all just silly. I'm not really making any sense I know. Any way I feel as if I need to emerse myself in the comic world and purely do work that I'm interested in. The next issue of Scrambled comes out next month (Sept 10th) so I'm looking forward to putting that all together. So far it looks really good and I happy with the over all feel of the next issue. I'm still trying to figure out how to juggle '7pages' and 'Scrambled' as i wa

Trip to melbourne

Picked up the latest Eightball (#23) on the weekend and loved it, get yourself a copy if you don't already. Also got Conversation a joint work between Kochalka and Thompson which was good but read to quickly, still good though. Couldnt afford to pick up allot of other stuff like the new Blood orange or Johnny Ryans latest and a couple of other ones. Went over my collection of supermonsters last night, I really like them and it's funny to think that Scrambled ended up being quite like supermonster (Well issue #11 of S.M anyway) like a combination of sketchbook and comics. So anyway if you can get some Super Monsters they're good, I think K.H will be probably be bringing out some published work soon anyways so you'll proabably see him around in the near future. Also finally added a link for the time magaizine online comix review-->

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