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Old Art

I was going through some old boxes that I packed before I left for Canada in 2007, looking for my personal copies of my zines and a few other things. I have my own collection of my books scattered throughout a few different folders and I thought it was time to properly collect them. This was made all the more important by discovering that an Art folder I stored in a garage had received some sort of water damage and had black mold throughout it. Luckily there was nothing that was hugely important, but at the same time there were some nice prints and other drawings in there. One thing that did survive where some prints I had made a few years back. Luckily I had packaged the prints for sale by mounting them in card and more importantly placing them in a zip lock bag. I can gladly say that these prints were in A1 condition. I also wanted to share this piece of art I did in my first year of Art school. Made whilst I was madly trying to find my niche, a place that I could work in a develop m

Portable digital devices

I Wanted to post about the idea of getting comics out in digital format. No need to convince me that print comics are better, I agree. I also see a huge opportunity to share comics in a digital format (Like here on this blog) I also really like things like podcasts that you can subscribe to. The main problem in this area is that the technology changes to fast for any sort of culture to build up around it. You could spend all your time getting your comics ready to view on a kindle or iPhone then two months later the bring out new versions that make what you have done redundant; Or another company comes out with something even better. Anyone have any interest or experience in this area? Links formatting comics for kindle Clickwheel


The theme for this years Tango comics anthology has just been announced here , Love and War, Some juicy subject matter there! Last year was the first time I had submitted to Tango, although I had been meaning to for some time before that. I had some trouble with my last entry, I really wanted to try and do a fiction type comic but every idea I had I kept loosing interest. Eventually I solved the problem by doing an autobiographical story sandwiched between two fiction stories. The story on the top of the page was about some E.T's on a holiday tour to earth to sample Earth food, two of the tourists sit in the park to eat and talk about love and food. The second fiction story at the bottom was originally going to be a spy story, but ended up being a love story gone wrong where the wife ends up poisoning the husband with a home made pie. I am tempted to try some fiction again this year, and perhaps I can try and use a more developed writing method, like the ones I have been discussing

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